Igor Checchini

Protagonisti del festival internazionale Summer Jamboree

La Abbey Town Jazz Orchestra, resident big band dall’edizione del 2007 del Summer Jamboree, annovera numerosi ed importantissimi ospiti tra i quali il grandissimo Renzo Arbore. Immortalati in questa live performance durante l’edizione del 2010 che vede l’uscita di una compilation con tutte le più importanti band del festival.

2. Mike Sanchez & The House Band – HUNGRY MAN
3. Abbey Town Jazz Orchestra feat. Serena – WHY DON’T YOU DO RIGHT
4. Ballroom Kings – YOU GOT ME REELIN’ & ROCKIN’
5. MaD Tubes – AIN’T GOT NO HOME
6. Wildfire Willy & The Ramblers – TOO MUCH LOVIN’
7. Alex Valenzi & The Hide-A-Way Cats – JAILHOUSE ROCK
8. Reeferbilly – TENNESSEE ROCK’N’ROLL
9. Houlin’ Lou & His Whip Lover – I DON’T SEE YOU BABY
10. Charlie Thompson & The Ramblers – LOOK AT THAT MOON
11. Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes – RELEASE ME
12. Dagousket Ramblers – I WONDER WHAT I’M GONNA DO
13. Wayne Hancock – HOME WITH MY BABY
14. Backleg Breakers – ONE SCOTCH, ONE BOURBON, ONE BEER
15. The Sunny Boys – CALIFORNIA GIRLS
16. Indra and Move It – STATE FAIR
17. Pep Torres y Los Terribles de Tyuana – I’M READY NOW
18. Sugar Ray Ford and The House Band – BE GOOD OR BE GONE
19. Greg, Max Paiella & The Blues Willies – COZZA

20. Renzo Arbore & The Abbey Town Jazz Orchestra – PENNIES FROM HEAVEN
21. Wanda Jackson & The House Band – FUJIYAMA MAMA


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