Igor Checchini


A 9 Hz frequency allows us to start our journey from a space of calmness. This frequency stimulates the alpha waves between 8 Hz and 14 Hz, which are related to calm and relaxation on a conscious level.

Very soon, the 440 Hz of the radio is leading us to the modern world: does anybody feel the difference in the inner feeling during this passage?



The choice of sounds in this tune is meant to highlight the frequencies that the listener can feel as “pleasant” or “nasty”.

Freedom to choose for everyone. 



The voice guidance leads us to come back in a space of peace and silence. 



The Sanskrit mantra KODOISH, KODOISH, KODOISH ADONAI TSEBAYOTH calls for protection and awakening (tr. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Light Entities).



Our personal “telepathy activation recipe” as a chanted prayer. 

Through the verbalization we engage our left hemisphere to communicate with God, Universo, our Higher Self; through sounds, our right hemisphere allows our instinct, the irrational side to “speak”.

We synchronize focusing our attention on the heart, breathing.

We consecrate our space, visualizing our favorite multidimensional flower (Flower of Life, multidimensional rose, lotus…).

With constant practice, we will have special fruits: half-human and half-divine.

We have to remember to stay present, rooted, awake and presentable to the spirit, carrying our self-value high: we are worthy and beautiful just as we have been created.



Do you feel this new code that is downloading and coming to us through our skin?” 

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), our skin is connected to lung and large intestine. Thanks to this triad we breathe life, we defend ourselves from the toxicity and we manage the interchange between the exterior and interior. 

We are a Love code.



The inspiration for the structure of the drum solo, came from a numerical sequence inside a circuit drawn by the dowser Simone Barbieri.

The sequence identifies the harmonic structure (5=G; 6=A; 7=B; 8=C).

A constant crescendo based on 12/8 meter.

The translation from a numerical system to rhythm and melody is a well-known practice used from ancient times to connect the “As Above, So Below” (cit Hermes Trismegistus): numbers are the mirror of the geometry of the Universe.

Centered in the heart, breath in the heart. 



We go back to our chanted prayer to remind ourselves that a daily practice of awareness leads us to elevate and we do it laughing since this is one of the healthiest and free of charge frequencies that we can use to strengthen our immunity system to produce beta-endorphins. 

(see “La tribù dei nasi rossi – il fracasso proibito”, Elisa Naike Blecich, only in italian*)



One last wish for each one of us that is made by millions and millions of grains: let’s choose a new way of living life and let’s stop the fight towards that reality that we consider unfair. 

We tried to escape or we have been paralyzed in front of those problems that we thought were unsolvable.

We have learned at our expenses through disease, illness physical and mental stress spikes.

Our personal experience (the authors, ed.) showed us that a constant exercise of meditation, telepathy, surrender to relax and deep gratitude to life for the mere fact of existing, increases our space of objectivity.

Let’s make sure that the old discouragement pattern that alienates us from the hope, vanishes. There will be more room for a gratitude pattern of what already exists: life.



The experiment of musical and artistical creation was performed by:











  • Igor Checchini music


  • painter Viktor Ortix who brought to completion the artwork channeled in Dallas, Texas –
    “INDIA INK and SPRAY PAINT” technique










Thanks to

Simone Barbieri for the 5G circuit explained at this link (only Italian) e downloadable here