In this section there are some exercises and transcriptions that I consider very important for the growth of the drums’ students I watch over.
I suggest them also to all those who want to challenge their own limits on their instrument.

I beg my pardon to all the non-italian visitors: these exercise are written in italian (where a written explanation is needed) but, on request, I will be happy to send you or enclose them in english.


Complementary sixteenth exercise

Double point 2

Double point

Opening and closing hi hat exercise

Complementary triplets exercise

Complementary triplets exercise 2

Introducing the sixteenth

Progressive exercise on double strokes

Progressive exercise on single strokes

Warm up exercise for feet

Grooves in sequence

Tied notes 1

Tied notes 2


Paradiddle combination DRUMBASSADORS



Quarter-eights-sixteenth notes and groups

Quarter-eights-sixteenth-triplets 2

Singles – doubles DRUMBASSADORS

Warm up II

Warm up