Igor Checchini
16 tracks played by a powerful big band!
Big Band Jump feat. wellknown artist from the today’s Rock & Roll and Roackabilly scenes on the vocals.
A ballroom burner for sure!

The band

  • Singer 1: Francesca Viaro
  • Singer 2: Cinzia Bertoletti
  • Singer 3: Ettore Lauritano
  • Alto 1: Rossella Torri
  • Alto 2: Marco Milan
  • Tenor 1: Mauro Darpin
  • Tenor 2: Guido Zoccolan
  • Baritone: Fabio Calzavara
  • Trombone 1: Mauro Casonato
  • Trombone 2: Norman Tosi
  • Trombone 3: Denis Boz
  • Trombone 4: Alice Gaspardo
  • Bass trombone: Matteo Morassut
  • Trumpet 1: Flavio Zanuttini
  • Trumpet 2: Mirko Cisilino
  • Trumpet 3: Federico Mansutti
  • Trumpet 4: Luigino Barbuio
  • Trumpet 5: Michele Papais
  • Piano and keyboards: Fabio Bravin
  • Guitar: Fabio Bertusso
  • Double bass: Maurizio De Marchi
  • Drums: Igor Checchini
Sound engineer: Marco Tavan
Directors: J Kyle Gregory & Klaus Gesing


  1. Rockin’ Time feat. Matteo Morassut and Mauro Darpin
  2. You Got Me (Reelin’ and Rockin’) feat. Pep Torres
  3. Allright, Okay, You Win feat. Paolo Mizzau
  4. Sh-Boom feat. Fabulous Harmonaires
  5. Let Me Off Uptown feat. Francesca Viaro and Kyle Gregory
  6. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens feat. Pat Reyford
  7. Opus One feat. Cinzia Bertoletti and Flavio Zanuttini
  8. Cow Cow Boogie feat. Lara Luppi, Mauro Casonato and Mirko Cisilino
  9. Hey Baba Rebop feat. Luca Grizzo and Flavio Zanuttini
  10. Beyond the Sea feat. Blasco Mirabella
  11. Seventeen feat. Pep Torres and Fabio Bertusso
  12. My Baby Just Cares For Me feat. Sue Moreno and Paolo Corsini
  13. Bongo Boogie feat. Cinzia Bertoletti, Guido Zoccolan and Fabio Bertusso
  14. Why Don’t You Do Right feat. Francesca Viaro and Guido Zoccolan
  15. Roll’em Pete feat. Luca Grizzo, Mauro Casonato and Mauro Darpin
  16. Flying Home feat. Guido Zoccolan and Mauro Darpin


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