Igor Checchini

JPC Quartet presents an original jazz repertoire which takes inspiration from the different musical backgrounds of the musicians in the band, loosely moving from open sonorities of Kenny Wheeler tunes to swing tunes, from acid sonorities of funk to free music. The band, composed from two guitars, double bass and drums, fits perfectly with this expressive variety, since the guitar is extremely versatile, able to change continuously its voice and shape, working both as a soloist and a connection between lead and rhythmic section. The continuous experimentation and curiosity towards every kind of musical genre, arise in the album “Libra” released for Giovanni Maier’s label “Palomar Records”.

The 9 tracks of “Libra”, which features the great american trumpeter J.Kyle Gregory, are a variegated but coherent image of the various influences of each musician. With a total musical cooperation and generosity, each member becomes the leader.

The band

  • Nicola Privato – guitar
  • Jan Sturiale – guitar
  • Marco Privato – double bass
  • Igor Checchini – drums
Special guest: J Kyle Gregory – trumpet and flugelhorn


  1. Libra (N. Privato)
  2. Whirlwinds (N. Privato)
  3. X-Hort (N. Privato)
  4. Shapes (N. Privato)
  5. Intro (M. Privato)
  6. Whispering (M. Privato)
  7. Mia (I. Checchini)
  8. Sun (N. Privato)
  9. Twang-B (J. Sturiale)
Copyright © 2010 Palomar Records. All right reserved.
“I am not going to write about the music in this cd: I guess it would be useless because the message is clear and transparent. Nevertheless I’d like to remark that I am always extremely glad when I meet musicians who have a message; this is what I look for in other people in every field. You often run the risk of meeting people who need to “show” something rather than just “being” themselves and, therefore, describing “themselves”. All this considered, it would be really stupid for me to write about their evident skills and abilities. Although my “stories” are very different from these, I am happy to put this album up in my label, exactly for this reason. As a matter of fact, more than the F sharp or the A flat, what I care about is the people, their stories and the honesty in telling them.”
Giovanni Maier, Turriaco, 4th May 2010


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