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Listen to this carefully crafted set of original compositions

Andrejka Mozina manages to cover a lot of ground in this recording: right from the opening tune, The Gold Rush, with its playful pizzicato opening of strings and double bass, she identifies herself as a composer with a very personal vision.

Electric guitar, violin, cello, double bass, drums and the composer’s voice on three tracks (among them the gorgeous closing tune “Opoj“): what might seem like a very unusual and „mostly strings“ orchestration soon unfolds itself as a cleverly chosen set of colours that never ceases to present the listener with yet another unexpected blend.

The prominent role of the electric guitar serves as a link between the rhythm section and the strings. Strings and guitar alter in taking over melody and accompanying parts. The latter are an especially vivid example of creative arrangement, as violin and cello walk steadily on a thin line between providing colours reminiscent of chamber music and section work with the slightly distorted guitar sound.

The result is quite a new and very fresh ensemble sound.

Without the strong and harmonious link of bass and drums, though – even where their rhythmic roles are deliberately disparate – the balance of tranquility and movement in Mozina’s melodies wouldn’t have the same effect: they provide yet another range of colours below, going from abstract (“Gladez”), strictly accompanying (in the beautiful song “December”), to really wild (but elegant) at the end of “Opoj”, carrying the group through odd and more traditional bar meters with great flow and energy.

There is a lot to discover in these nine songs.

They have been recorded by a group of musicians who really do make music. Find out for yourself.

Klaus Gesing


Thanks to my musicians, who lifted my music into a new dimension and brought it to unexpected meaning and great power.

Andrejka Mozina


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