Igor Checchini
A great concert, that celebrates the strong sense of freedom given by the show choir of the Vocal Skyline, a choir formed of young talents.
This name perfectly represents the mood with which this choir became well known for a wider audience.
Beyond the idea of a conventional choir, beyond a specific musical genre, beyond the voice to play with gestures, movement, lights, screenings; the Vocal Skyline present a show where the 50 young singers become protagonists on the stage.
On the National Liberation Day, they question themselves of the sense and the value of freedom. On the day of San Marco, patron of Venice, they pay homage to the city.
A selection of tunes that brings different musical genres together enhancing, with freshness and elegance, the wide range of colors created by the harmonised voices.
A chord’s turnaround, a hinted melody, music, a song that knows how to get a picture of a moment summoned with the power of the seven notes.
The Vocal Skyline are protagonists of a rich concert raised to celebrate the strong sense of freedom that come from the extraordinary chance to sing together.


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